Armchair Advocates’ Favorite Things in 2012


For over a decade, it has been the most anticipated holiday event on TV. The gifts, the surprises – and more importantly – the reactions from the audience have made Oprah’s Favorite Things a must-see. From appliances to books, exotic trips to new looks, each year the Queen of Media shares some of her faves.

Oprahs Favorite Things

Our Favorite [Social Good] Things in 2012

Channeling our inner-Oprah, we’ve come up with our awe-inspiring list of favorite things in social good. It’s not an exhaustive list, but these 12 innovations are changing the face of “doing good” and are definitely worth checking out.

Favorite Social Media Site


GOOD Magazine just gave itself on online makeover. The result:, a collaborative social media platform to share ideas around charity and innovation. It’s like Facebook for Do-Gooders, where you can connect with awesome people and organizations, and engage with them around topics and issues you care about.

Favorite Event

Social Good Summit


The Social Good Summit and Global Conversation was no ordinary conference.  This international discussion on “the role of digital technology to advance social good” extended beyond the walls of the Summit in New York City, and included panel discussions via live-feeds from China, Kenya and Somalia. Meanwhile, over 200 “meet-ups” in cities around the world – organized by Mashable‘s Meetup Everywhere platform – added thousands of diverse voices and perspectives to the dialogue.

Favorite Crowdfunding Platform



Catapult is a crowdfunding site for supporting projects that improve the lives of girls and women. Organizations that work to do just that can use Catapult to post projects in need of funding, so anyone in the world can donate funds to launch the project.

Favorite Widget



ShoutAbout is a new widget tool for news websites and blogs that empowers readers to do more than just “like” or comment on a post. After reading an inspiring article or post, users can now take meaningful action like making a donation, signing a petition, or other suggested calls to action.

Favorite Mobile App

Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA)


Talk about putting mobile technology to good use! The Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) provides free maternal health information to new and expectant mothers via mobile phones. MAMA is used in over 35 countries and has reached 101 unique organizations.

Favorite Video Game

Half the Sky Movement: The Game


Over 300 million people play online social games each month, and their demographic profile cuts across gender and age groups. In early 2013, the movement to empower women and girls continues with a new adventure on Facebook. Half the Sky Movement: The Game is inspired by the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide and brings players first to a small village in India to meet Radhika.

Favorite Video Sharing



Founded by Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey, #waywire seeks to empower individuals and organizations with a platform to be heard — all through video. It’s collaborative and savvy, and may just be a good alternative to curating your cause videos and content.

Favorite Video

Hey St. Jude


This past fall, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital released a new video on YouTube. Set to the tune of the Beatles’ iconic song “Hey Jude,” the music video features patients, hospital staff, advocates and celebrities reminding viewer to “make it better” for kids everywhere fighting cancer and other deadly diseases. And for as little as $5, you can do just that.

Favorite Offline Hangout

Cause: DC’s Philanthropub


Washington DC’s new “Philanthropub” is putting a new twist to the meaning of giving. Located in the U St. Corridor of the Nation’s Capital, CAUSE is not just a relaxed, well-designed restaurant and bar; it’s actually one of the most innovative social good business models driving revenue to local charities.

Favorite New Donation Destination



The soon-to-be-launched Friday5 takes the stress out of giving. Each Friday, this fundraising platform will automatically take your $5 donation and direct it to a carefully-curated cause. You’ll receive a weekly email, detailing where your donation went and who it helped.

Favorite Social Good Movement



The #GivingTuesday movement hit the U.S. and world by storm this past Thanksgiving, creating a new day on the calendar to mark the opening of the Giving Season. With more than 2,500 partnering charities, volunteer organization and corporations, thousands celebrated with volunteer projects, online fundraisers, and collections for the needy. The #GivingTuesday message was also echoed in statements from Mayors of Chicago, Philadelphia and New York, philanthropy leaders including Bill Gates, and the White House.

Favorite Fashion Accessory

1:Face Watch


The 1:Face Watch, a fashion product with a humanitarian heart, empowers consumers to support one of six different global causes with every purchase, including cancer, hunger, water, the environment, AIDS, and breast cancer. Created by brand development firm Mirza Minds, the campaign launched on October 1st to rapid success on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, after developing huge anticipation from its thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and most notably, Instagram.


3 Comments on “Armchair Advocates’ Favorite Things in 2012”

  1. Jennifer Burden
    December 15, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Nice write up. Never heard of “Philanthropub”! Cool.

    Jen Burden :)


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