8 Social Good Sites from Around the World


From every corner of the globe, online advocates are increasingly using social media to create social good.

Below we share with you eight fantastic international sites that are tapping into global, digital and mobile resources to address  local challenges.



Harassmap (Arabic) is a social initiative using a SMS texting system for reporting incidences of sexual harassment in Egypt. This tool gives women a way to anonymously report incidences of sexual harassment as soon as they happen, using a simple text message from their mobile phone. By mapping SMS reports on a public website displaying location and details provided by the victim, the Advocacy Online Map creates a powerful documentation of the extent of the problem.

Lenguas Jovenes


Lenguas Jóvenes (Spanish) is an online project empowering Mexican youth to produce short cell phone films expressing their ideas for improving their education or living conditions in their community. As many targeted youth do not have a cell phone, the site asks university students to donate mobile phones with cameras so that all who wish to join the project can participate.

 Youth Ki Awaaz

Youth Kiawaaz

YouthKiAwaaz (English), meaning “Voice of the Youth,” is an award-winning blog that serves as a platform for young people across India to express their views on issues such as environment, politics, women’s empowerment, drug abuse, child abuse, and youth leadership. Presently, YouthKiAwaaz.com (YKA) hosts over 1000 articles by 400 writers, is read by 1000+ visitors everyday, and has launched a video blog for young people to submit videos on issues as well as their activism towards those issues.



Kherna (Arabic) is an Egyptian social networking platform for charities. Organizations share with their followers updates on their activities, services and progress in real-time. The site helps charitable organizations garner donations and volunteers.



AntiHIVirus (Chinese) is an interactive site originated in China that provides entertaining, yet informative education about HIV/AIDS. The site features “Mr. HIV” and other animated characters who talk about the science and prevention of this debilitating disease.

Bell Bajao!


BellBajao! (English), meaning “Ring the Bell,” is the first Indian multimedia campaign to directly address men in the context of domestic violence. BellBajao! calls upon men and boys alike to take action and renounce the role of perpetrator or spectator in violence against women. Supported by an on-the-ground youth organization, the multimedia campaign has reached over 130 million people in India.



Fasokan (French) in Mali promotes local languages and cultures on his bilingual, personal blog. He introduced village people to the Internet and basic search on the Web during an educational cruise on river Niger in Mali.

Climate Change Virtual School

Climate Control School

Climate Change Virtual School (English), created by The Development Reality Institute, is the first virtual school on climate change in Southern Africa that is run and managed by youths for youths. The four-week virtual program aims to raise awareness on the effects of climate change on development in Zimbabwe.


  1. Schnell notiert: Sozial-digitale Online-Listen | Claire Grauer - February 25, 2013

    [...] 8 Social Good Sites from Around the World versammelt spannende Portale zu ganz verschiedenen Themen, neben der bekannten Harass-Map aus Ägypten sind dies etwa eine Website zur HIV-Prävention mit “Mr. HIV” (China), eine Lernwebsite über den Klimawandel von Jugendlichen für Jugendliche  aus Simbabwe, oder ein Online-Projekt mexikanischer Jugendlicher, die mittels Handyvideos Verbesserungsvorschläge für ihre Heimatgemeinden machen können. Auf der gleichen Website, armchairadvocates, gibt es darüber hinaus noch weitere interessante Sammlungen: 30 #SocialGood Blogs you have to follow 50 Tweeters of #SocialGood you have to follow [...]

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